Browse Month: May 2016

Street art is the feast for the eyes

An artist digests the food of art and passes the food for thought to the road passers to think and ponder over. Street art is the feast for the eyes when roaming around the streets. Brick and mortar seems to be boring for a life which is refreshing & stressful at different points. For both the reasons we need something more which is discovered as street art.
Street art satiates not only one soul but many. Art work that appears on any public place is called street art. It brings pleasure to us giving a new hope and energy to live. Indian art is alive today with its existence beyond the pre-historic times. Man has expressed himself through carving on stones and metals giving birth to master pieces. The colors to paint were extracted from minerals and you will be surprised to know about the sand painting & coffee painting done with the sand and coffee respectively bestowing a new life by infusing a distinctive aroma in it. The idea is very dazzling to have different colognes on each road. It looks like different musical tunes on each road contributing to the song of life. Paintings are other than carved art which splashes buckets of colors when you move into the street. LED Boards referring to the lights in the street brings a new excitement enthralling all lives. Nature itself becomes the canvas for a soulful artist contributing to the street art. Unlike India, many countries allot a separate budget for street art to make the city beautiful & enchanting. India does not need any budget because street art has pervaded the nation from the ancient times. The traditional temples & other sculptures entertain another wow by the viewers. Around the globe there is a basket of countries which are louder in the street art naming Berlin in Germany, Bristol & London in England, Argentina, Melbourne in Australia, Italy and Paris in France.

Indulgence in the street art is easier but it has three requisites:
” Permission: You cannot paint any of the streets as per your own choice. There are some streets prohibited for such works by government. Therefore whenever you feel like contributing to the street you must take the permission from the ruling authority of the street & then start.

” Artist: An artist can only visualize different arts to be infused in the street. The artistic look has to be given by stones, sculptures, paintings; etc can be judged only by the artist. The medium to exhibit the idea is solely artist’s choice.

” Motivation: Some artists are self driven for the artistry they don’t need any external motivation for street art. Others have innumerable reasons to mark their presence on the street with social issues, protests, festivals, etc. The motivation for an artist can even be to provoke people for a common concern.
Street art can also be viewed other than just a piece of art i.e. the communication vehicle. Passers don’t witness it physically but the art certainly talks to the sub-conscious. The message depicted by the artist gets absorbed deep under the skin stimulating them to act in the required manner. Street art is not just a display rather it talks to each one who passes by it.

Street Art is one of the most powerful art

Street Art is one of the most powerful art movements in the world today.This however has not led to any real recognition of the art form. A lot of art critics argue that so called street art is nothing more than just glorified graffiti at best and acts of vandalism at worst.It is not uncommon for even the most famous pieces of street art to be painted over by council contractors or the owners of the buildings on which they were painted. Even so this street art has risen in popularity and the public consciousness greatly in recent years and this is greatly, although not solely, due to the elusive guerrilla artist known as Banksy.
Street artist Banksy uses his work to criticise corporations for their globalization of mainstream culture.Tesco, McDonalds and Disney are just some of the many multinationals to have experienced the Banksy treatment by having their logos satirically juxtaposed with an image of poverty or terror.
Street Art is done all around the world but it stared very secretly because it was illegally to paint on public property you can find it everywhere you look. The street art can involve traditional graffiti artworks which include stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheat pasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, guerrilla art, flash mobbing and street installations.
Street art has become a global culture and even art museums and galleries are collecting the work of street artists. Street art started out very secretly because it is illegal to paint public and private property without permission.Some people think it is a crime and some think it is a very beautiful new form of culture.
Over the last few years, there has been a growth of public art with sculptures and murals appearing in shopping centres, streets and town squares. Large format printing is increasingly playing a role here as huge banners appear over buildings.
Some of these images are so striking, imaginative and attractive that they hardly even seem like advertising and, to the casual passer-by look more like a work of art – which is arguably what they are.But these large format printing pieces are also good for preserving a city’s heritage.
Street art is most common in Europe. It’s not like normal graffiti and also makes statement about politics. There’s plenty of kitschy street art, but it typically symbolizes some sort of statement. It is often conducted in the dark of the night and many artists’ dose not put their real names, but puts a fake name since they’re often vandalizing and defacing property. Some street artists have gone commercial, picking up gigs with major pay, but for the most part, the art remains safe from heavy monetary influence.
Street artists should thanks to internet because with the Internet, street artists communicate with each other and show their work to the world.