Entertainment In Malta

Relax on Maltas Sandy Beaches
Malta would not be fully enjoyed unless one spends an entire day lazing around on the islands beaches which are dotted all over the island. If one wants more privacy and isolation other than the famous beaches, there are some bays that are a bit remote and few people know about them. Selmun Bay can offer a wonderful sandy beach and with less people. One will however have to walk down to the Bay itself and can hit some rather rugged routes on the way. Even so, these remove beaches are well worth visiting.

2.Visit the Local Glass Blowers
Even though the whole activity of glass blowing is new to the island, this whole activity has in fact generated itself into one of the best loved crafts on the island. Mdina’s Glass factory is certainly a must-visit as tourists can literally see it all being created right there and then. Products can be purchased, which include vases, pendants to more complicated glass sculptures.

3.Have a look through a Maltese Market
Maltese markets aren’t necessarily ideal for purchasing your souvenirs; however you can find some interesting things which may interest visitors. Vallettas market is open on a daily basis and sells pretty much anything from local produce to designer wear. There is also a market on the weekends just outside of Valletta, which sells things which may be a little more interesting to visitors. If one wants to view a more scenic market then Marsaxlokks fish market certainly serves as such. Watching the luzzu traditional boats spawned all over the bay while buying some of the local fresh fish is certainly well worth it.

4.Stroll across Sliemas entertaining promenade
The wide and long promenade of Sliema is certainly worth walking along, especially during the evenings, while indulging in a delicious Maltese restaurant. People from all over the world can be seen on this promenade enjoying the refreshing coastal views. Visiting one of the numerous ice-cream parlours is certainly something one must do.

5.Rent a boat
Renting a boat for the entire day is certainly something worth partaking in with regards to exploring the Maltese coastline, ancient harbours and bays. Stopping over at the Blue Lagoon is a must, as one will get to see some of the most beautiful crystal clear waters around. A boating license might be needed however there is also an option to ask for a driver for the day if required. Most of the boating companies dont really have much online information; however the best thing to do would be to ask around locally. Youll be sure to find something that will make your stay in Malta just right.

6.Get Married in Malta
Getting Married in Malta is something that all couples should consider. Apart from the sunny weather almost all year round; which permits outside catering in Malta, there are other reasons such as majestic beaches, a wide range of wedding venues, and professional wedding companies. Wedding companies can plan your wedding from A to Z according to ones preferences and tastes. Weddings in Malta can take place in historic buildings, beaches, bastions with harbour views and also contemporary settings.

7.Go Shopping!
The shops in Malta are usually open from around 9am 7pm on weekdays and take a mid-day break from approximately 1pm to 4pm. This applies to every season of the year. Weekends, the opening times tend to be open Saturday mornings only. With quite a few unique things to see and in regards to shopping on the island its good to know where the shopping malls are located. Shopping malls are located in Sliema, Valletta, Paola, Fgura and Birkirkara; however the biggest and most modern one is that in Sliema, known as The Point Shopping Complex. Rabat, Victoria (Gozo) and Valletta additionally host a good selection of shops which are fairly visible.