My View On Talent Show

As it is know to all, Super Girl, a talent show, now is still under way and the youngsters pay much attention to it. Nowadays, among those entertainment programs, talent show has earned a greater popularity and has an impact on peoples daily life. But many people wonder whether talent show is good or not.
As far as I am concerned, I approve of the talent show. There are several points to support my view. On one hand, with the improvement of peoples living standards, people can not be satisfied with material life and tend to pursue a high-quality spiritual life. Besides, people need to relax themselves through some entertainment programs as now they live under greater pressure everyday. So more and more entertainment programs such as Super Girl, Happy Boy etc gain lots of attention and become popular with the audiences almost overnight as they can meet peoples requirements.
On the other hand, some people dreaming to be singers or superstars want to realize their dreams through this kind of talent show. The talent show programs can provide them a free platform to show themselves. For example, Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, Wu Yi and so on, they really have gained a great success after attending the talent show.
Last but not least, attending talent show will enrich peoples life. It is reported that more and more people tend to attend this kind of programs in recent years. But some argue that people may be attracted by the temptation of fame and fortune. Some hold the view that talent show will waste a lot of time and money because people have to spend time and money on training. Others think that people are really interested in talent show and they are versatile, so they catch the chance to experience. Although some people may not become famous, the experience itself may do some help in their future life. But no matter what reasons are, people who have ever taken part in such shows will have an enriched life.
In a word, although every coin has two sides and talent show may have disadvantages, I still approve of it. Anyway, talent show has become an important part in life and plays an important role in peoples leisure time. It can not only satisfy peoples need of pursuing spiritual life but also endow some people a good chance to realize their dreams. Therefore, to some extent, talent show enriches peoples life.