Put Your Motorized Tv Stand In The Play Room

So you’ve purchased a motorized TV stand from ImportAdvantage.com and now you want to know the best place to put the TV lift cabinet. Well, there are so many great places in your home that a LCD TV lift or Plasma TV pop-up can go, that we’ll focus on just one spot today. How about placing that amazing piece of motorized TV furniture in the children’s play room!

That’s right, the children’s play room is a fantastic place to arrange a Plasma TV lift. It’s the ultimate in style, comfort and convenience when you can raise and lower your flat screen TV with just the touch of a button. No longer do you have to get up to adjust the position of the TV when the kids are ready to watch a movie or a cartoon. One press of the built-in Infrared Relay System allows complete control of your television and audio-visual equipment without ever having to open and shut the cabinet doors. No programming or installation required!

And it’s great to keep your expensive TV safe from rough play. No longer do you have to warn the kids not to play around the TV because the TV is tucked away, safe and sound in it’s own sturdy cabinet. ImportAdvantage’s integrated heavy-duty TV lift mechanism silently raises and lowers the TV from its hiding place in the console at the touch of a button. The only thing you’ll have to remember to protect your valuable TV is pressing the button on your TV stand’s remote control.

As for storage, that’s covered, too. The design of the cabinet allows for a flexible and personal configuration of the cabinet drawers and TV screen. The motorized TV cabinet can be rotated so the television screen can be put in any location to fit the play room area, allowing for easier television viewing. You can have a video game console or DVDs face one side of the room while the TV faces another part of the play area. How amazing is that? Now that your TV needs are covered by an ImportAdvantage.com pop-up TV stand, making children’s entertainment safer and even more entertaining, getting the kids to quiet down for a little while is easier than ever!