Special In Dash Navigation For Bmw E46

Many BMW owners demand for BMW E46 Navigation in their cars, however, compared to 5 years ago when only few people could afford BMW 3 E46 Audio System, they are now available in a wide range of capabilities. The latest technology has advanced many new features to BMW E46 Navigation and other in dash navigation. BMW E46 Navigation prevails these years. There are many big and professional online website for in dash navigation, such as Autocarplaza.
Screen size of in dash navigation varies from 7 inch to 15 inch. And the types of them are diversified as well. Like 1 din car DVD, 2 Din Car DVD, headrest and flip down car DVD player. Along with the players being pretty much universal in terms of dashboards it can fit into. Those in dash navigation referring to the vast variety of entertainment systems available for today’s car DVD offer clear picture and sound quality. And those car DVD can be mounted virtually anywhere in your car.
Lets look into some features of BMW E46 Navigation, this in dash navigation is specially designed for BMW 3 E46 and fit the car perfectly. With 2 din ISO in dash size and advanced anti-shocking function, the BMW E46 navigation is a symbol of high quality among the aftermarket in dash navigation products. 7 inch touch screen with the resolution of 800 x 480. It has 3D OSD menu and Multi-function IR remote control. BMW E46 Navigation is compatible with most video format: MP4 DIVX DVD SVCD MP3 CD-RW.

This in dash navigation has built-in GPS module, auto-ID intelligent language navigating and support Dual Zone function which allows drivers to enjoy music playing and GPS navigation reporting at the same time.
Installing BMW E46 Navigation benefits drivers a lot, spending the relatively paltry extra money involved in getting BMW 3 E46 audio system. Firstly, drivers won’t have to install some other sort of audio system for the BMW E46 navigation goes with dual zone function instead of a single zone unit. Secondly, BMW E46 navigation seems to be more capable at everything, like DVD playing, Sat Nav, watching TV, compared with other in dash navigation. This shouldn’t be underestimated as an important factor when choosing an in dash navigation system for your car. BMW E46 Navigation has become exceedingly popular with families which have kids. If drivers have one in their BMW cars, it will entertain your kids so that they will not feel lonely or boring when going for a long trip.